September 18, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Board meeting 9-18

Attendance: Mike Drees, Mike Perron, Ty Jacobson, Mike Running, Terry Pretzloff and special guest Kenneth Mcdonough from Mall of America

Meeting called to order at 1230 by President Drees


Discussed old business and reviewed meeting minutes from membership meeting in June.

Case of the quarter discussion-

-We would like to see more submissions for cases from our members.

-An email will be sent reminding everyone to submit their partners for case of the quarter and that the winners receive a $250 visa gift card.

2018 Trial host agencies:

-Detector South St. Paul- MARCH 18th 2018

-PD1 St Paul

The board discussed paying for hotels for novice judges. The question was asked about paying for out-of-region novice judges. Region 12 does pay if region 18 members attend their trials to novice. It was decided to pay for any novice judge, regardless of region.


Proposed change to bomb detector trial-

2017’s detector trial region 18 only had 3 bomb k9 teams at the trial. Meanwhile the Mall of America, which currently has 19 bomb k9 teams nationally and will be expanding to 25-30 in 2018, has hosted multiple “mini” trials that has include other metro agencies.

The added logistics for a detector trial host agency to set up a bomb detector trial and the need for a 2nd day of judges for only 3 k9 teams doesn’t seem to be worth it.

A representative from the Mall of America was at the meeting and a proposal was made to have the Mall of America host 2 bomb detector certifications per year for region 18 members (Spring and Fall). The Mall of America said they would be willing to host the bomb detector trials if that was the region’s desire.

A motion was made by President Drees to separate the bomb detector trial from the dope trial, and for the Mall of America to host two (2) bomb detector trials per year for the Region.

1st- Larson

2nd- Running



Nation Conference update- (Drees)

The preparation for the national seminar is on schedule. All trainers, venues and hotels are ready.

We currently have 38 k9 teams registered and will put a cap of 50 on the seminar.


Website discussion- (Pretzloff and Perron)

Pretzloff updated the board on the recent website functionality issues. The issues have seemed to be with our hosting company.

Pretzloff gave an option to move our event registration to a separate website. That way if the region 18 website goes down, members would still be able to register for events. There is an additional cost of 2.9% per transaction to use this separate website.

The board felt that currently the additional cost per transaction is not worth the use. For now we have established a downtime procedure for event registrations as follows:

-If the website is down a member can e-mail the secretary with their registration info.

-The secretary will PayPal invoice them direct for payment.

-When the website comes back online, the secretary will manually register those members.

Other than the recent website functionality issues, the only problem we have been experiencing is “out of region members”. USPCA members that are not region 18 members have had to obtain an out-of-region sign-on to register for events. This has caused issues with them not being able to navigate the process. That sign-on requirement has been removed for events only.


Replacement of Board Members

The board has an immediate need to fill 1 trustee position with a 2nd trustee position possible in the very near future. Please email the board if you are interested in this position. If we receive more interested parties than open positions, an election will be held.


Region “sponsored” training

A focus of region 18 has been on providing excellent training opportunities to its members. A discussion was had about what training opportunities we can post on the region website. The only trainings that we as a region will post are USPCA sponsored events like a PD 1 trial or the national conference.

If members are hosting or know of other training events that might be of interest to our members, we would like to provide a place for that. We will be creating a discussion board for members to post and discuss upcoming trainings. It’s important to note that any information shared on this discussion board is not an endorsement from the USPCA, but rather information sharing between its members.


Motion to adjourn made by Ty Jacobson 2nd by Running

September 18, 2017 – Meeting Minutes