November 16, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Board members - Mike Perron, Mike Running, John Shilts, Tony Lejcher

Special guest – Neil Throndsen (MOA)

Approval of Minutes

No minutes we approved at this meeting


Mike Perron set in motion the transition of duties the new board members. John Shilts and Mike Running would be in the process of getting their names on the bank account. Mike Drees and Jay Curiel will be removed. Mike Perron will stay on the account.

The board will consist of the following on 1-1-19.

Mike Perron – President

Brian Hasselman – Mn Vice President

Robert Larson – WI Vice President

Mike Running – Secretary

John Shilts – Treasurer

Tony Lejcher – Trustee

Clay Evens - Trustee


John Shilts will gather information on account balances and to try and get a yearly budget from the past years and report back to the board with his findings. Current balances around $14,000. Mike Perron mentioned different options mentioned below in President Report for possible spending needs.

President Report

  • President Perron set the following assignments to the board.

      • Mike Perron – Region training
      • Mike Running - Trials
      • Clayton Evens – Judges
      • Tony Lejcher – Trophies
  • Neil Throndsen advised that the MOA will continue to host the Region 18 Bomb Trials including a mini trial if needed. Mike Perron expressed the need to limit mini trials in all areas.
  • Mike Running will work on getting all necessary forms needed to run a trial on a thumb drive to pass onto the host agencies.
  • Terry Pretzloff would be advised to update the region website on 1-1-19 with new board members and their contact information. Mike Perron created new email for region president.
  • Initial discussion for paying website technician currently being done by Terry Pretzloff.
  • Discussion on parameters for allowing posting on region website/Facebook for trainings not hosted by the region. The thought is to get training information out there so the region members are aware of the trainings and mark that this training is not affiliated with the region.
  • Region trailer used for trials. Check on condition and supplies need for the trailer.
  • Discussion of purchasing new signs for trial hosts. Current signs in poor condition.
  • Discussion of ending the gift card award for the case of the quarter winner. This was started to increase the submissions of cases and this has not happened. Stop process and use money toward more paid trainings not hosted by region. Pay for seat to a training session for members that request assistance in payment of the training.
  • Discussion of updating the trophy given to retired dogs/handlers.

Next Meeting

  • Region meeting scheduled at Washington County Narcotic Trial on March 23, 2019


Meeting end at 1315 hours.

November 16, 2018 – Meeting Minutes