National Update: Crowd Screening

First – a dog that does what we are calling “Crowd screening”,  sometimes called “vapor wake”,  must pass our existing bomb dog certification process.   Once that dog has passed that test,  then they can,  if they want,  go to the Crowd Screening phase.     See below            I have attached the Scoresheet.      For the certificate then,  it would say “Explosive Detection Dog” for those that just do the explosive test,  and “Explosive Detection Dog with Crowd Screening” for those that pass the below phase.    Again,  this is effective 1-1-2019 



A.      The Crowd Screening phase involves one venue with one find.   The dog will demonstrate the ability to locate a moving or static odor, which is person born, while searching (straight line as well as at an angle) a crowd of people.  This phase requires at least three judges, with pass/fail scoring. 

B.      A minimum of 1 pound and a maximum of 5 pounds of any of the above listed odors will be worn or carried (hidden) on a decoy pedestrian.   The odor will be placed on the decoy by the decoy himself, or by an assistant who will not be in the venue during testing.   The odor must be placed or secreted on the decoy in such a way as to not be visually detected by the hander or the canine.   If a backpack is used, other pedestrians must also carry backpacks.  Take care to ensure that there is no explosive odor on any backpacks, purses or bags (other then the target) on the pedestrians.       

C.      The soak time or set time will be a minimum of 30 minutes.   Care should be taken to ensure that the “target decoy” does not mingle with the other pedestrians or judges.   It is obvious that all volunteer pedestrians will not have any explosive odor on or about their person.  If the target decoy has to be exchanged with a 2nd decoy,  the exact same odor and amount will be used.  The original target decoy is exempt from further participation as a pedestrian.     

D.     There should be a minimum of 15 (counting the target decoy) pedestrians. (Maximum number being 40)   Pedestrians can be other bomb dog handlers (who are not testing in the crowd screening) and other judges.   Volunteers can be used as long as there are no apprehension trained dogs doing the testing.  Pedestrians can walk around, either alone or with other pedestrians, or they may choose to stand and talk with other pedestrians.  Pedestrians and volunteers should behave normally, walking at a normal pace, with other pedestrians or by themselves-  or they may choose to stand in a group of people. (never alone when standing) They will not attempt to avoid the working k9, but if walking,  should continue progress as they would if they were walking through an airport,  mall or sports venue.  

E.      The venue will be a minimum of 5,000 square feet.  This can be a long hallway, warehouse, gym, stadium area, etc. 

F.      When a K9 indicates on the decoy, the handler will tell the judge that their dog has alerted to a trained odor and will identify the specific decoy by description or by pointing at the decoy.  If the K9 is correct, the judge will say “yes” or “reward your dog”.   If the dog is incorrect, the judge will say “do not reward your dog” or “no”.  (this will be considered a false alert) 

G.     The team is allowed ONE false alert.   A second false alert will be considered a fail.  (no Certification) Crowd screening testing should be conducted within 48 hours of the other Explosive testing.    (after obtaining USPCA Explosive certification)      

H.     The Crowd Screening test has a 15- minute time limit. 

I.      The Crowd Screening certification will not be an option at National Dog Trials.   

National Update: Crowd Screening