March 23, 2019 – Meeting minutes

Spring 2019 Membership Meeting

March 23, 2019

Meeting called to order by President Mike Perron

No approval of prior meeting minutes

Secretary Report – Secretary Mike Running advised of 189 current members

Treasurer Report- Acting Treasurer Mike Running gave a summary of the 2018 yearly financial report.
2018 beginning balance of $14,676.71 and ending $17,096.89. Summary of expenses and trials attached
to the minutes. Current balance is $21,254.89.

Old Business – Open Board positions (MN Vice President, Treasurer, Trustee, Alternant Trustee)
Tony Lejcher from Eagan agreed to move from Trustee to Treasurer. Any interested ina board position
contact Secretary Mike Running.

New Business – Ideas/changes for certification rule changes. Mike Perron, Mike Running and Josh
Stenseth talked about changing suspect search. Main focus is the removal of the ‘Hot box” and making
the handler stay in one location. Judges would stay behind handler and not in two separate locations in
the field of play. Josh Stenseth has some wording and will be working with the board to define changes.

Discussed having a substitute room that is available at narcotic trials for dogs not trained in marijuana. A
separate room would be used if the dog is not certified in marijuana.

A request for regional training ideas and hosts. If you want to see a training hosted by the Region
contact a board member. If interested in attending a training and your department does not have the
funds to attend, contact the board to request funding assistance.

Request for 2020 Detector and PD1 trial hosts. Sawyer County is interested in the Detector Trial.
Rochester, Washington County and Ashland, WI are interested in PD1 trials. If interested in hosting one
of the trials contact Region board ASAP.

As done in 2018, if available judges are low for the Region PD1 trial in Eagan, the Region will host a mini
trial for a select few experienced handlers that are willing to judge the region trial. This will only be done
for experienced handlers and judges on a need basis.
Region 18 will share information on trainings not sanctioned by USPCA on their website and Facebook in
the interest of getting the information out to the handlers and departments. The Region will not post
trainings that the board feels hinders the values of the USPCA.

Open Forum- Josh Stenseth (St Croix County) advised that he is putting together a street aspect narcotic
training class in June/July. More information to come.

Adjournment – James Bradley made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Brian Cline.

March 23, 2019 – Meeting minutes