March 18, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

USPCA Region 18 Spring Membership Meeting
South St. Paul MN
March 18, 2018

Meeting Called to order at 1416hrs by Mike Drees
Mike Perron presented old business from last meeting. No discussion. Helgerson made a
motion to approve and accept the minutes and it was seconded by Jennifer Ficcadenti.
Jay Curiel had the treasury report and said the information would be posted online.
Mike Drees lead a discussion about the website and asked for feedback about the process. No
feedback was given.
Mike Perron presented the region secretary report. Currently we have 175 members registered
for 2018 which is in line with last years membership.
Mike Drees presented new business-

  • PD-1 Update was given by Jay Curiel. The PD-1 will be June 1-3 in St Paul . With the
    public demo being Friday June 1 st at 1800 hours. All events OTHER than articles will be
    held at Harding High school. ***Article squares will be CLOSED for practice***
  • 2019 Detector trial will be held in Washington Co. (Helgerson motion to approve
    Schmidt 2 nd )
  • 2019 PD-1 trial had Eagan volunteer to host if no other agency showed interest. (This
    topic will be reopened at the summer membership meeting)
  • 2018 is an election year for board positions taking effect 1-1- 19. Drees asked if anyone
    was interested in running for a board positions and there was no interest.
  • Odor Familiarization- An out of region member had asked prior to the trial if region 18
    did odor familiarization. We have not but wanted to open it to the membership for
    discussion. Loffler and Harrison expressed support for doing it saying that it has shown
    positive results in the past at other trials. Running expressed concern over the host
    agency having to organize the addition event the day before the trial. It was suggested
    to pay the host agency more money to help compensate them for the added work.
    Perron and Curiel expressed caution about how much to pay. With the regions current
    expenses to host a trial (judges hotel, food costs, chief judge pay) it’s possible the region
    would not have enough to cover its expenses after paying the host agency.

    • Loffler made a motion to have odor familiarization the day before the detector
      trial which was seconded by Helgerson- Passed
    • Ofstead made a motion to give the host agency 60% of the registration fees and
      the region keep 40% seconded by Helgerson- Passed
  • Drees had an open discussion about region training ideas. One idea that was presented
    was to partner with region 12 for a training. Region 18 has spoke with region 12 in the past about partnering for a training and region 12 has not shown any interest. It was felt best to keep it a separate issue.
  • Case of the Quarter- we are still seeing low numbers of submissions even with the gift
    card offer to the winners. Please submit your partners for the good work they are doing.
  • Region paying for teams to go to nationals:
    • A member asked if we had paid for anyone, which we had paid for 2 last year
      and 4 the year before
    • A motion to pay $500 per team was made by Running and seconded by Cline-

Drees asked for any open discussion and there was none.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Bob Larson and seconded by Jennifer FIccadenti.

Meeting Adjourned at 1449hrs

March 18, 2018 – Meeting Minutes