Case of the Quarter

Why Case of the Quarter?

Case of the Quarters submissions are a way for our members to receive recognition for the hard work that their K-9 partners do every day.  Your submissions are publicized in a national magazine and all USPCA members can read about the professional work that our members are doing.  Each Quarter we take submissions and the executive board will review them.  A winner is selected and then passed to the national awards committee.  Every regional winner is then submitted to the national case of the quarter and a selection is voted on at that level.  A national Case of the Quarter is picked four times a year in each category and those are then reviewed for Case of the Year.  Having a Nationally recognized case from a Nationally recognized organization is a prestigious honor.

Here are the quarter break downs

1st Quarter: January – March

2nd Quarter: April – June

3rd Quarter: July – September

4th Quarter: October – December